A Special Thank You

The idea for Doubletake Digital Photography came about when I learned of the Ritz Camera Photography Contest. This is the contest in which I submitted the juggling picture on the main page and won Honorable Mention. I had experimented with altering pictures with computer programming and thought of the idea of juggling a few off-the-wall items. I chose a chainsaw, bowling ball, traffic cone, and of course, the new addition to the family, the little kitty. I believe it is this little cat that wound up at our house one morning we decided to take in that makes that picture so outrageous. Yes, we did throw the kitty in the air, but each time my brother safely caught him. Don't worry about anything Animal Rights people.

So, you might think this "thank you" is for the kitty. But it's really for my brother Don Gilbert, Jr. He's the one that decided to keep the kitty and take care of it, thus protecting that vital element of the photograph. He is also the one who initially set up this website. He owns and operates Infinite Effects web design. He showed me the way of web designing so that I could maintain this site after it got started.

Therefore, a salute! To my brother, Donnie! Thank you letting me throw your cat in the air, for setting up my website and teaching me how to design and maintain it. And of course, for everything else you help me with.



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