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June - David got to meet who!?

July - David's father checks out the 4th from where!?

August - David's brother gives driving advice to who!?

September - I've seen big bugs, but this!?

October - Helping out the mechanic!

November - Cloning the volleyball player for an all-star team!

December - The funny mirrors aren't so funny!


January - I gotta get that golf ball back!

February - Guess who came to my house!

March - Sweet victory celebrated at Super Bowl XL!

April - Ready for takeoff!

May - I need to buy more golf tees!

June - Some friends get an odd visit at their wedding!

July - Rockin' on stage with Donnie Iris!

August - Now I've never seen this trick at the circus!

September - Hope the cops don't see me!

October - Always on her mind!

November - Trick or Treat!

December  - Unique Christmas ornaments!


January - Sorry, no picture. I partied too much at New Year's.

February - Which bridesmaid dress is the right one?

March - A monster snowman! But the carrot?

April - A collection from my "Gray period."

May- Ever worked for NASA? They have!

June - Racing season hits a hurdle, or a whole, in Pennsylvania!

July - Celebrate graduation!

August - I want my car back!

September  - What's that growing in my hand?!

October - I spent too much time trying to figure out my Halloween costume!

November - Call the Ghostbusters!


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